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The Golden Expertise Project is Underway

עודכן: 25 בדצמ׳ 2019

We are pleased to report that the Golden Expertise project is underway following a successful prototype!

Work on the challenge of small businesses in Beer Sheva has led to a collaboration between the Beer sheva i- team and the Golden Expertise project and the creation of a prototype for the "Revolution in the Kitchen" initiative.

The collaboration has given rise to business development and consultation services for entrepreneurs in the food and restaurant industry through a national database of knowledgeable and experienced senior-citizen "golden experts" who volunteer their services.

Following a process that examined a number of criteria and indices, the "Tzrif" restaurant in the city's "Dalet Mizrah" Quarter was chosen as the business to receive hands-on consultation services of two golden experts from the restaurant and management fields. Together, the two experts bring 40 years of experience, knowledge, and professional background to the process together with a connection and affiliation with the city.

The 40-hour frontal consultation process, spread over eight weeks, included close analysis of the business, identification of opportunities and risks, proposals for economizing, the building of a competitive advantage and creation of a half-yearly work plan detailing planned cut backs of personnel, development of marketing , advertising to new audiences, and more. The experts remained available for consultation as the plan was assimilated following conclusion of the formal process.

Analysis conducted upon completion of the prototype revealed a very high success level with restaurant showing an improvement in various business indices. The golden experts have expressed their interest in continuing to offer their services and tell of a sense of value and meaning experienced during the process.

As Yaakov Brown/Bar-On , one of the restaurant's owners says: "…based on my experience and what my friends said, I felt that the previous business advice I received was not professional enough. There was no clear understanding of the business and no real contribution to its success. In this case, the consultant was professional, precise, and committed to the success of the process. The golden expert's experience makes all the difference, he understands and lives the industry, 36 years of experience is a tremendous asset…"

We are currently working on developing and expanding the prototype for a pilot of 25 businesses in the year 2020. The pilot will offer a solution for two of the city's significant challenges: bolstering and cultivating small businesses and providing a response for senior citizens' challenges, while leading a social change in the perception of Beer Sheva's senior citizens' ability to influence and strengthen the city's economy.


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