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Beer Sheva i-team's work during the spread of Covid-19

עודכן: 7 במאי 2020

"When nothing is sure, everything is possible"

Margaret Drabble

Following spread of Corona virus, we reduced the ongoing work on public cleanliness challenge and shifted our focus to helping the municipality with immediate responses for local SMBs that were critically effected.

Together with Yeadim, the city's business development company, we launched a joint team to promote quick and tangible initiatives. Our work was and still is, challenging due the ever-changing policies and restrictions of the Ministry of Health. However, the sense of emergency and the high potential for impact on the lives of SMBs in the city fueled our efforts to deliver.

Our initiatives focused on a few areas we've identified as critical:

Providing easy access to government information and policies. Encouraging to buy from local SMBs. Connecting SMBs with experts and tools to adapt.

· During first three weeks our team developed and implemented 12 initiatives in 13 days.

· Most of the initiatives were based on existing municipal resources resulting in minimal cost.

· The initiatives created 72,596 interactions* with residents and business owners.

Today, as most efforts of the city are dedicated to establishing the "new normal" routine. The i-team has joined the city's strategic unit and city hall department leaders in a joint effort to identify and take advantage of the new opportunities that lay ahead.

*Online webinars participation, survey filling, hotline phone calls, and comments and likes on social media.

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