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We are involved in creating relevant and correct solutions for the most important challenges facing Beer Sheva and its municipality.

Creating a municipal framework to stimulate a vibrant small business arena in Beer Shevaencouravibrant small business arena in Beer She

Understanding the Problem

Defining and "Framing" the Problem:
During the first stage, we worked on articulating and defining the scope of the challenge in a way that enables us to assist the municipality and the city generate a significant change in the small business sector of Beer Sheva. After understanding that the desired outcome should include a connection between strengthening the robustness of the businesses and increasing their diversity, we reframed the challenge to also relate to the needs of the business owners and the local residents.


We subsequently embarked on a process of in-depth study in which we used a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods: focus groups of residents, in-depth interviews with business owners, meetings with experts and municipal employees, field tours, surveys of global trends and benchmark studies.

Translating the Knowledge into Information:

We translated the large amount of knowledge accumulated during the studies into 18 central insights which underly five areas of opportunity. These areas of opportunity are fields in which we identified challenges that influence businesses' robustness and the diversity in the business sector, and in which a change can be instigated.

Appearance of the Public Space  

Increasing Residents' Involvement and Sense of Responsibility for the City's Cleanliness

Measuring Impact

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Preparations for Implementation

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Understanding the Problem

 Studying the Challenge

We learned several underlying assumptions that directed the way in which we examined the cleanliness issue throughout the study. We learned that both the residents and City Hall feel that a "garbage cycle" has been created. garbage accumulates throughout the city, the municipality cleans it up, the residents litter again, the municipality invests even more resources in cleaning once more and yet the level of cleanliness remains unsatisfactory. We therefore understood that in order to achieve a cleaner Beer Sheva, we must break the "garbage cycle" and change the residents' role in maintaining city cleanliness. We realized the need for increasing the residents' sense of responsibility and to strive for a change in their behavior to enhance the city's cleanliness.

In a manner similar to that adopted with the business challenge, we conducted a comprehensive study in which we used a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. 

Translation of knowledge to information:
In the study, we answered 4 key questions relating to litter in the public domain. We then processed the insights gained from the answers into areas of opportunity in which we create appropriate solutions together with the residents and municipal employees. These solutions are aimed at breaking the "garbage cycle" and at enhancing the cleanliness of Beer Sheva's public domain.

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